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Pre-Registration Deadline, 20/06/2017

01.06.2017 – 20.06.2017  -  Pre Registration (Link: )

Pre-registration for the DESMOS International Scout Camp in Cyprus is required. Each NSO must register the total number of  participating Scouts, Patrols, Leaders and IST.

21.06.2017  - Participation Confirmation

A confirmation email for the maximum number of participants accepted will be send. (should the number exceeds the free offer for participation the payment method and relevant account details for SWIFT TRF will be send).

26.08.2017 Arrival day


NOTE: If payments are needed to be made:

»21.06.2017 – 30.06.2017  First payment  - 40%

»1.07.2017 – 31.07.2017 Final payment – 60%

In case there is a cancellation prior to 31.07.2017, 50% of first payment is refundable.

No payment fee is refundable after 31.07.2017

Registration Process

Registration Deadline, 30/6/2017

Dear Friends, greetings from Cyprus.

We would like to thank you for accepting our invitation to participate in DESMOS International Camp in Cyprus and we are looking forward to meet you in about 65 days from today.

The planning team already started preparing the activities for this event and hopefully we will be able to inform you in more detail within the next weeks.

Please register your participants one by one,  in the Registration form  by the end of this month. The link for the new registration form is 

Payments (for the extra participants only)

Any extra participants are most welcomed. Please refer to our Bulletin 1 for the payments for extra participants. The payments should be made in the following account by the end of June. Please specify as reference the NSO.

Bank of Cyprus

Account number: 0136 05 002034

ΙΒΑΝ: CY17002001360000000500203400

Finally, please send us details for your flights schedule as soon as possible, in order to organise your transportation to/from the airport.

If you have any questions, please contact us at